What is Chain Tensioner ? How to choose a good quality Tensioner ?

* What is tensioner of Automobile Timing System ?
The tensioner is a commonly used holding device on the chain transmission system. There are many types of chain tensioners, and they are used in transmission structure, such as machine tools, automobiles, motorcycles, etc.
The Chain tensioner is use to prevent the timing chain from falling off and loose, no abnormal noise,and also help to adjust the tightness of the timing chain, reducing the wear of the sprocket and the timing chain so that extending the service life of the gear and the chain.

What is the material of the tensioner?
Normally the chain tensioner is made of Iron, Aluminum, Copper,Plastic.


What is the key part of timing chain tensioner ?
The most important part of chain tensioner are the plunger and pawl’s, the timing tensioner plunger and pawl’s size and precision affect the plunger movement in the internal of shell. It will influence plunger move and igition time if the dimensional accuracy is not high at start or a period time after oil impurities and ash accumulation.


What is the processes to manufacture the chain tensioner ?

Timing Chain Tensioner Manufacturing Processes by Changsha Timek Industrial Co.,Ltd
→ Lathe: plunger hole, oil, groove, flat, inside and outside the thread
→ Milling machines: Metal cutting
→ Deburring
→ Ultrasonic cleaning
→ Storage

* How to choose a good quality tensioner ?
-From the appearance of Chain tensioner, you can check whether there are burrs, pores, bubbles on the tensioner.

how to choose a good quality chain tensioner

-On the other side from technical, the tensioner quality controled under factory quality control system, all the tensioners provided by Timek Industrial Co.,Ltd are in strict accordance with the quality control standards of TS16949. We use the professional equipment to test various performance of tensioner.
-Chain tensioner tension
-Settlement Performance
-Tensioner into the oil
-Timing tensioner Dynamic performance
-Vibration durability

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