How to replace a Timing Chain properly ?

Before learning about replace timing chain, let we get idea of the Timing chain structure, as Roller Chain for example.

* What is timing chain structure ?

The chain consists of flexible links, each of link has a pitch in the longitudinal direction. The chain link is composed of various chain elements.
1. Chain plate, sheet chain element with holes;
2. Pin, which is used as an elongated cylindrical member of a chain hinge rotary shaft;
3, Sleeve, with the pin shaft constitute a tubular element of the hinge pair;
4, Roller, a cylindrical component that can be freely rotated on the sleeve;
5. The locking member is attached to the end of the connecting pin shaft with an elastic sheet-like locking member or a bent wire locking member.
6, Other accessories, it’s used to transport materials.



* How to install the Timing Chain ?
1. When replace Timing Chain, please check whether the sprocket matches with timing chain, and ensure the concentricity of the sprocket and the sprocket seat. At the same time, ensure that the two axes are parallel, two sprocket wheels are coplanar, and the connection between sprocket and shaft is reliable. It is not allowed to over-tension the timing chain; the chain loop connection is reliable, and the open end of the spring is opposite to the moving direction to prevent the circlip from colliding and falling off during operation; Timing chain and chain cover should maintain a certain gap.
NOTE: It is strictly forbidden to install the new timing chain or cam sprocket/crank sprocket with the severely worn or unqualified sprocket or timing chain.
2. The Timing chain drive system with tensioning device and guide rail should ensure that the chain is supported within the entire width of the guide plate during installation, and the tensioner can be automatically tensioned.
3. After replacement timing chain, please check the tightness of timing chain to avoid additional load due to the chain being too tight or too loose. Also make sure that timing chain and related parts are in the same plane.



When should to replace timing kit part of Iveco daily diesel 3.0 vehicle ?
It’s better to replace timing chain kit EVERY 400,000 km (or 8,000 hours’ operation).
- Replacing the timing chains, timing chain tensioner, camshaft drive gears,crank sprocket, guide rail.


Post time: Aug-09-2023